About Us

The National Association for Applied Scientific Research – Morocco (NAASRM) is founded in 2018. It brings together university professors, doctors, PhD students and holders of a master’s of science as well as undergraduate students of scientific studies, derived of all Moroccan Universities.

The association aims to offer training in several fields: Scientific research, Computer science, Languages (in particular French and English), Didactics of sciences, Psychology, Communication…etc. These activities aim at multidisciplinary topics based on the previous themes in parallel with the program of the Center for Doctoral Studies.


Accompany society in science processes by organizing seminars and conferences nationally and internationally.


Conduct studies and reflections on various aspects related to scientific research sectors


Work in synergy with academic and industrial partners at the national and international levels to activate technological and scientific transfers.


Collaborate and actively cooperate in any citizen action promoting exchanges with the socio-economic and cultural worlds.


Encourage actors and essentially young people to apply to scientific activities and technological progress of our country.

List of Founding Members & Executive Office

  • Mr. Bilal AGHOUTANE (President)
  • Mr. Aniss MOUMEN (Vice-President)
  • Mr. Anass CHAKER LAMRANI (Treasurer)
  • Mme. Zhour BOUATTAR (General secretary)
  • Mr. Loutfi MOHAMED (Deputy General secretary)

Contact Our Office

Contact our executive office :

Email : contact@naasrm.com
GSM   : +212-6-6240-7648

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